API Appliance for Extreme Agility and Simplicity

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Just as you can plug in a toaster, and add bread…

You can plug this API Appliance into your database, and add rules and Python.

Automation can provide:

Remarkable agility and simplicity With all the flexibility of a framework

Using conventional frameworks, creating a modern, API-based web app is a formidable undertaking. It might require several weeks and extensive knowledge of a framework.

In this article, we’ll use API Logic Server (open source, available here) to create it in minutes, instead of weeks or months. And, we’ll show how it can be done with virtually zero knowledge of frameworks, or even Python. We’ll even show how to add message-based integration.

1. Plug It Into Your Database

Here’s how you plug the ApiLogicServer appliance into your database:

$ ApiLogicServer create-and-run –project-name=sample_ai –db-url=sqlite:///sample_ai.sqlite

No database? Create one with AI, as described in the article, “AI and Rules for Agile Microservices in Minutes.”

It Runs: Admin App and API

Instantly, you have a running system as shown on the split-screen below: 

A multi-page Admin App (shown on the left), supported by… A multi-table JSON:API with Swagger (shown on the right)

So right out of the box, you can support:

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