The Data Streaming Landscape 2024

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The research company Forrester defines data streaming platforms as a new software category in a new Forrester Wave. Apache Kafka is the de facto standard used by over 100,000 organizations. Plenty of vendors offer Kafka platforms and cloud services. Many complementary open-source stream processing frameworks like Apache Flink and related cloud offerings emerged. Competitive technologies like Pulsar, Redpanda, or WarpStream try to get market share by leveraging the Kafka protocol. This blog post explores the data streaming landscape of 2024 to summarize existing solutions and market trends. The end of the article gives an outlook on potential new entrants in 2025.

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Data Streaming Is a New Software Category

Real-time data beats slow data. That’s true across almost all use cases in any industry. Event-driven applications powered by data streaming are the new black. This approach increases the business value as the overall goal by increasing revenue, reducing cost, reducing risk, or improving the customer experience.

Plenty of software categories and related data platforms exist to process and analyze data:

Database: Store and execute transactional workloads. Data Warehouse: Processing structured historical data to

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