Time Data Series: Working With PHP Zmanim

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This post continues my exploration of concepts and techniques related to both the way so-called “Jewish times” (zmanim) are calculated; as well as the techniques needed to use the PHP Zmanim library – a library of functions that let you easily calculate Jewish times. Once again I owe a huge debt of gratitude to several folks – including Eliyahu Hershfeld, creator of the Kosher Java library, Zachary Weixelbaum (owner of the PHP Zmanim library, a port of Kosher Java), Elyahu Jacobi (who built RoyZmanim.com with those tools and patiently explained so many concepts to me), and Maor Neim, who offered explanations that turned theory into practice.


In my last post, I explored both the foundational concepts of Jewish time calculations (zmanim) and also the initial steps needed to install and use PHP Zmanim. We got as far as calculating sunrise with that library.

By itself, this isn’t particularly impressive. The fact is that with the same information (latitude, longitude, time zone, and a specific date) you can get the same information using PHP’s built-in functions.

In this post, we’re going to get into the types of calculations you CAN’T get with built-in PHP tools, not only because they require some

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