Data, data everywhere and not a stop to think

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Cribl is a data management platform. Check out their sandbox or explore their products.

Cribl Stream is their vendor-agnostic observability pipeline.

If you’re new to the term, the observability pipeline is a crucial component of the cloud-native world.

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00:00 Introduction and Background

03:23 The Data Landscape and Generative AI

06:08 Incumbents vs. Startups in the Data Space

07:46 Challenges of Data Storage and Exfiltration

09:38 Securing Large Warehouses of Data

12:21 Data Quality and ETL Pipelines

16:05 Measures of Data Quality for Gen AI

22:04 Cribl’s Role in the Data and Observability Space

26:20 The Pros and Cons of Richer Observability Monitoring

28:11 Closing Remarks and Shoutout


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