Community products: Reflections and looking ahead

This post was originally published on Stack Overflow

In 2023, Stack Overflow started exploring how generative AI capabilities could support and accelerate the developers’ experience by honing in on the unique problems developers face with technical discovery and solution design. We’ve documented our experience along the way, launched several concepts and tests, and learned a lot from our users through this exploration.

We believe that Stack Overflow is a unique and critical platform, where learners and experts come together to share and create knowledge of the highest quality. As we consider integrating AI into our platform through partnerships and new features, we remain committed to preserving the essence of Stack Overflow: a space driven by human connection and genuine knowledge sharing. We believe in using AI thoughtfully and purposefully to amplify and extend the work done by community members, rather than simply for the sake of it, and will continue to keep Community at our center as we evolve our partnerships and products.

In order to ensure we are delivering on outcomes that bring value to developers and technologists around the world, our product team created a set of guiding principles that ground the projects we take on:

Solve real user problems – If AIs are to be part of the

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