Controlling cloud costs: Where to start, and where to go from there

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In this episode, Ben and Ryan are joined by Joshua Fox, a senior cloud architect at DoiT, to discuss cloud cost optimization. They explore the importance of controlling and understanding cloud costs, the role of good architecture in cost optimization, and strategies for dealing with surprise costs.

Episode notes:

To learn more about the signs that indicate you may be paying more for your cloud computing than you should, check out DoiT’s seven red flags guide.

We’ve spoken with DoiT on the podcast before about LLM hallucinations and the security threats that LLMs open.

Partner with DoiT for cloud procurement, expertise or tooling in any combination, to drive value where you need it most.

Congrats to Lifeboat badge winner Sravan K Ghantasala for their answer to How to sort file lines in Bash?

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00:00 Introduction and Cloud Cost Control

01:08 Joshua Fox’s Background

04:20 Understanding FinOps

06:17 The Importance of Good Architecture

08:18 Balancing Flexibility in Architecture

10:04 Surprise Costs and Dealing with Them

13:19 Bracing for Unexpected Cloud Costs

25:41 The Future of Cloud Cost Optimization

27:09 Closing Remarks

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