SolidJS with Ryan Carniato

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Solid.js is a popular JavaScript framework known for its reactive and efficient rendering system. Instead of using a Virtual DOM, it compiles its templates to real DOM nodes and updates them with fine-grained reactions.

Ryan Carniato is the creator of SolidJS, and he joins the show to talk about the framework.

Taylor Nodell is a software engineer specializing in front end web technologies. He’s particularly passionate about accessibility and how the internet is changing our relationships to each other. He spends his weekends hiking in the Australian wilderness and making heavy metal.

As a listener of Software Engineering Daily you understand the impact of generative AI. On the podcast, we’ve covered many exciting aspects of GenAI technologies, as well as the new vulnerabilities and risks they bring.

HackerOne’s AI red teaming addresses the novel challenges of AI safety and security for businesses launching new AI deployments.

Their approach involves stress-testing AI models and deployments to make sure they can’t be tricked into providing information beyond their intended use, and that security flaws can’t be exploited to access confidential data or systems.

Within the HackerOne community, over 750 active hackers specialize

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