Collaborating smarter, not harder

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Smart collaboration is outcome-driven, involves real-time learning, and engages an internal community of subject matter experts and diverse stakeholders. When done right, it can drive organizational change from the bottom-up. In this release, we’ve made enhancements to the homepage and search experience across integrations so your teams collaborate smarter and find knowledge faster. We’re also excited to announce the release of OverflowAI: Smart, outcome-driven AI that gets users to better solutions faster. OverflowAI is a GenAI-powered add-on to your Stack Overflow for Teams Enterprise subscription (additional fees apply).

Enterprise 2024.3 release overview

Let’s take a look at our third Stack Overflow for Teams Enterprise release of the year in more detail.

See smarter recommendations and other homepage enhancements

We recently launched a reimagined homepage experience so users can more confidently navigate your Stack Overflow for Teams site to share knowledge, collaborate with peers, and learn new insights. In this release, we’ve made the homepage more personalized and actionable with smarter recommendations and other enhancements.

The new homepage makes it easier to share knowledge, collaborate, and learn from peers.Smarter recommendations

Prior to this release, the platform recommended trending posts and unanswered questions on the homepage based on a user’s tag preferences. To improve the

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