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Last month, we shared our upcoming priorities from a product roadmap point of view. This included initiatives like better onboarding, Staging Ground (our experiment with a shielded experience for new users), Discussions, and technical investments. Today I want to share the research the User Experience team, which I lead, will be focused on over the next quarter and how you can help. At Stack Overflow, our researchers are focused on strategic initiatives and big, complex questions. They typically run ahead of the product roadmap by several months or even multiple quarters. Please keep that in mind as you navigate what we are looking to learn this quarter.


Last year, one of our researchers set out to create a more comprehensive framework of user roles and learning pathways on Stack Overflow. This research was done through cluster analysis of site behavior data, a survey, a Meta Stack Exchange post, workshops, and more. From this work, we built hypotheses around five motivations, including what users need or want to learn and what elements of our site might appeal to them. These motivation groups were used in future workshops to write Jobs-to-be-Done to identify why users choose Stack Overflow and what might frustrate

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