Google reportedly showed ChromeOS running via a virtual machine on an Android phone

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While Android has been Google’s main operating system for smartphones and tablets, the company has also developed ChromeOS as the basis for the many Chromebook laptops and Chromebox desktop computers that are sold right now. Today, there’s word that Google showed off a version of ChromeOS that was running, via a virtual machine, inside an Android smartphone.

The report comes from Android Authority, via unnamed sources, who said Google showed off this interesting demo at a recent private event. The report says that Google used what it called a special version of the Chromium OS that had the code name “ferrochrome”.

The demo showed ferrochrome running on one of Google’s Pixel 8 smartphones in a virtual machine. The report added that ferrochrome wasn’t actually shown running on the Pixel 8’s own display. Rather, it was demoed by connecting the smartphone to an external display.

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In a second article, along with a YouTube video, Android Authority created its own version of Google’s demo. It ran its own ferrochrome build on a Pixel 7 Pro, which itself was running a version of Android that was compiled from the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). This demo

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