Save 96% (almost $700) on a AdGuard DNS: 5-Yr Subscription

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Today’s highlighted deal comes via our Apps + Software section of the Neowin Deals store, where you can save 96% on AdGuard DNS: 5-Yr Subscription.

AdGuard DNS is a powerful ad-block DNS server that enhances your web browsing experience. Control all web traffic on your devices and block unwanted ads, trackers, and malicious domains. This privacy-oriented DNS server is a reliable alternative to your current DNS provider and helps make the Internet safe for everyone at home or work.

With AdGuard DNS, also enjoy the ability to block ads, trackers, and analytics systems for any website or app. Say goodbye to intrusive ads and unwanted trackers and enjoy a faster and safer web browsing experience with AdGuard DNS.

Ad Blocking

AdGuard DNS uses powerful filters to eliminate ads & trackers on every connected device Allows you to use default filters, block domains manually, or do both

Parental Control

Keep your children safe online Shield your kids from adult content on websites, search results, or YouTube Gain full control over which sites should be blocked & when

Stat at Your Fingertips

Get real-time stats on DNS requests of all devices View stats by date, country,

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