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The Future of Async in Java: CompletableFuture vs Virtual Threads

Asynchronous programming is a cornerstone of modern Java applications, allowing them to handle tasks without blocking the main thread. But with Java 21 comes a new challenger: virtual threads. These lightweight alternatives to traditional OS threads promise significant performance improvements. However, the familiar CompletableFuture remains a powerful tool for asynchronous operations. This article dives into …
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Spy vs SpyBean In Spring

Distinguishing between @Spy and @SpyBean involves understanding their functions and knowing when to use each. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of these tools, developers can optimize their testing strategies and enhance the overall quality of their software products. Let us delve into comparing Spy vs Spybean in Spring applications. 1. Understanding the @Spy Annotation in …
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Retrieving First n Characters in a String in Java

When working with strings in Java, there are different ways to extract the first n characters efficiently. This article will explore achieving this using standard JDK methods and then showcase alternative approaches using external libraries such as Apache Commons Lang and Guava. 1. Using JDK Methods and Classes Java provides various built-in methods to manipulate …
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Mastering Asynchronous Operations with Callbacks

Ever wonder how websites can fetch data without freezing everything? That’s the magic of asynchronous operations! Callbacks are a classic way to handle these behind-the-scenes tasks. Imagine you tell a friend (the function) to get something (data). You (the main program) can keep doing things while your friend shops (the operation runs). Once they’re back …
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@Transactional in Spring: Don’t Get Caught in These Traps

Transactions are a fundamental concept in database management, ensuring data consistency across multiple database operations. Spring provides the @Transactional annotation to simplify transaction management within your application. But wielding this power effectively requires understanding its nuances. Just like any powerful tool, misuse of @Transactional can lead to unexpected behavior and data integrity issues. This article …
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Next.js HTTP GET Request

Next.js is a React framework that allows developers to build server-side rendered (SSR) or statically generated web applications. Let’s explore how to initiate an HTTP GET call in Next.js and view the results. 1. Overview of Next.js 1.1 Key Features of Next.js Server-side Rendering (SSR): Next.js enables server-side rendering out of the box, improving performance …
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Remove Only Trailing Whitespace From a String in Java

In programming, handling whitespace characters within strings often requires careful manipulation, especially when dealing with leading or trailing spaces. Trailing spaces refer to whitespace characters (such as spaces or tabs) that appear at the end of a String while leading spaces occur at the beginning. This article focuses on techniques to specifically remove trailing spaces …
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SpringRunner vs. SpringBootTest

Testing is essential for all applications, encompassing both unit and integration tests. The cornerstone for conducting integration tests lies in classes like SpringRunner and SpringBootTest. Let’s explore SpringRunner vs. SpringBootTest. 1. Exploring SpringRunner in Spring Testing SpringRunner is a test runner provided by the Spring framework for running JUnit tests with Spring support. It plays …
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